Lesson Types

Lesson Types

Learn To Drive

These lessons are for those who are still focusing on learning the fundamentals of driving and becoming confident on the road. Before you even think about the driving test it is critical that you first feel that you would be comfortable driving on the road without a supervising driver.

Driving Test Lessons

Driving Test Lessons are for those who are close to going for the driving test. These lessons focus on the finer points needed to pass the driving test

Practice Driving Test

The Practice Driving Test is conducted by one of our instructors and follows a similar route to the RMS Test Routes. Our instructor will grade you by following the same criteria as the driving test. Feedback will be provided along with whether you would have passed or failed and areas requiring improvement

Low Risk Driving

Remaining safe on the road is critical and our low risk driving lessons pass on our expert knowledge in road safety to ensure our students have the skills needed to remain safe behind the wheel

Manual Driving 101

Driving a manual is a challenge yet rewarding process. It is a lot like learning to ride a bike and a life long skill. At Australian Road Safety Academy we particularly enjoy teaching manual and provide quality lessons to ensure you get up to speed and are driving manual like a pro in no time

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